Cook Awesome Food was started with the intent of bringing fresh, flavorful, complex global flavors to everyone’s kitchen. Through our experiences in the restaurant industry and cooking at home, we understand that freshly ground spices can elevate anyone’s cooking from average to awesome. Too frequently, though, mass-produced spice blends lack that flavor and complexity due to their time sitting on store shelves and in warehouses in packaging that ages them prematurely.

Mass-produced spices also add preservatives, artificial flavors or extracts, or other ingredients that you would never add if you were making your blends at home. We use all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, ethically sourced and sustainably harvested spices for our blends.

All of our recipes are deeply rooted in global culinary history and we never leave ingredients out because of their cost or difficulty of use. Many other spice blends will leave out an ingredient or two to ensure a lower manufacturing cost, leaving you with an incomplete flavor profile for your dish and struggling to find that something “extra” to make it right. Our blends never need anything extra; they are perfectly suited to use on their own, right out of the package. We want you to be able to cook awesome food every time you open our bags.

You can find us at our home market, Artisan Exchange, where we do all of our production, and many other local markets. Our products are also available on Amazon. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram for recipes, product information, and market locations.

What People Say

Perfect seasoning blend. As soon as I opened the package my immediate thought was “This is perfect! Now I don’t need to add sazon for color, and extra flavor.” The seasoning is super tasty, and everyone whom I’ve recommended it to so far has loved it.

Kayla D.
Brooklyn, NY

Amazing Flavors! Love these spices! They have such a great taste and work well on meats and vegetables. So glad they’re on amazon now!

Amazon Review

The busy mom gives it a five star! This was the best $7 I ever spend on any seasoning. We cooked shrimp with this and it was amazing.

Porsche W.
Wilmington, DE

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